My name is Romilly.

I've had some people during my life trying to convince me that people that don't fit into the "normal" state of things are wrong. That those people are, somehow, sick or just not as good as anyone else. When I was younger, there was very little by way of education about other orientations except heterosexuality. If this was before the age of the Internet, I'm almost certain I would still be trying to fit myself into a persona that just didn't seem to fit as nicely, as cleanly as I wanted it to. However, I managed to figure out their existence around six years ago, and within the last two years I have begun to identify with the orientation that closest fits me; panromantic.

Ask me what that meant before I came out, or even until quite recently, and I would have no idea. That's what I'd like to change - I want people to have an idea. I want people to know and try to understand things, rather than just follow society's outdated norms. I want them to find what fits, rather than what others want to fit them.

I am a panromantic asexual; I am pretty gender-blind but I don't feel sexual attraction to anyone.