Hello, I'm a 19 year old Canadian named Noam.

I am gay and am proud to be able to say that people who are LGBT have full equal rights in Canada. I also have American citizenship and am currently studying at a College in the U.S. Unfortunately, I cannot be proud of America, where very few States supply marriage equality, and even fewer allow for LGBT couples to adopt.

Coming to terms with my sexuality was a long process for me, but the turning point was when I really accepted it, with the support of my best friend, close to the age of 18. My first year out of high school was spent living right outside of a major city in Israel, called Tel Aviv. In Tel Aviv I was exposed to a thriving LGBT community - and in my experience a very open, accepting, and comfortable LGBT community. Now in Boston, where I have not yet experienced that same feeling of comfort and acceptance, I find myself more interested in helping to build a community in which young LGBT people can grow up and feel not just safe, but empowered to be themselves.

I would also like to help bring some real 'understanding' to the table. It's very nice and good that more young people nowadays are 'trending' to accept friends and peers who are LGBT. However, I think it is important to make sure it is not simply a trend, but that people really understand why it's "okay to be gay". Because it is okay to be gay, and for very very good reasons. I hope that through this blog, people can be educated on those reasons, and really understand in both their hearts and minds why it is that people who are LGBT deserve equal rights and full acceptance.

Co-founder and Author