I was born on Mother's Day in Roswell, NM -- home to Area 51. I say it reflects more on my sister than it does on me; she's an abductee if I ever saw one. My Dad was in the Air Force, so we moved a lot -- I went to 2 elementary schools, 1 middle school, and 3 high schools. I've lived in Va Beach long enough to be called a Local, but not a Native. I was married to a sailor, and the military is well represented in my family. While I have all due respect for the troops, I cannot support the war. I understand it, but I don't like it, and I don't support it.

Last year, I found out I had cancer. That was weird. With surgeries, procedures, and chemo, I was done by Christmas. I'm now cancer-free. Honestly, I think the whole thing happened so fast that I didn't really have time to get my head around it. I do have some stories, though -- some of them are really funny, oddly enough. My Dad taught me when I was little that when something unfortunate happens, you can choose to laugh or choose to cry. You can cry if you want, but it just gives you a headache and messes up your face. It doesn't do you any good. If you can choose to find something to laugh about -- or even smile -- you're on your way to getting over it and moving on. He wasn't advocating denial -- he was advocating putting on your big-girl-pants and getting over it.

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