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I grew up in a Christian household. I was married for seventeen years to an abusive alcoholic. I identified as a Christian conservative. After I found the courage and good sense to divorce I begin a journey to find myself. I also begin to learn to love myself. My views begin to change.

It is amazing how when you are able to love yourself you are able to love others. I am now a bleeding heart liberal. If you noticed I am from MS then you know I am very alone in my state. I am on a quest to change my fellow citizens minds. I dedicate my Facebook page to this. I attend rallies. I am open and honest about  my views to everyone I meet.

I have just recently written a letter to the editor of my local newspaper that has ruffled quite a few feathers. I love being bold and in your face with my writing.

Email: patricia.freedomrequireswings@gmail.com