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Hello, I'm Michael.

I'm an 18 year old biromantic asexual from Preston, England with a passion for all things science.

I found out about Asexuality around August last year and have never looked back. My first experience with LGBTIA was not a good one, it was my dad coming out as a transsexual and I'll be honest I didn't take it well, this was mainly because of lack of people to talk to about it with similar experiences. I also went through a period of time when I thought I was gay due to me not being sexually attracted to women but being romantically attracted to my friend, it was a very distressing time for me purely because I was unsure of how to handle it, I have a strong opinion on matters regarding this and I've also been a victim of prejudice towards asexuals.

I'm writing because I want to help people who are going through similar things as I have as well as raising awareness about asexuality.

Email: michael.freedomrequireswings@gmail.com