Daniel P.

G'day! I'm Daniel, and I like guys.

I never had trouble accepting that. But as a shy and reserved kid, I sure had a lot of trouble expressing it. It's hard to talk about something when you feel like nobody else understands it. I dodged questions about sex and girls for years, only coming out once I had finally gotten to university. I still don't really know that many LGB people personally, and I've never been in a relationship. Mostly because my prodigious lack of conversational finesse prevents me from meeting new people, so my loneliness from all those years in the closet isn't completely gone. That said, I do have friends and family with whom I can now be fully open about myself, and I really appreciate that.

The youngest of four, I was born in small-town Canada, spent some years in Queensland, Australia (which I enjoyed greatly), and ended up back in Southern Ontario to finish my schooling. Now my siblings are off getting their graduate degrees, and I'm still trying to nail down a major.

In my spare time, of which I have way too much, I'm a bit of a geek-of-all-trades (though master of none): I enjoy television (especially sitcoms), film, video games, music (especially film and game scores), books, science, the internet, puzzles, and trivia of all kinds. I've also dabbled in comics, anime, and tabletop games, though not too extensively.

Email: daniel.freedomrequireswings@gmail.com