Hi, Aloha, 今日は~!

My name is Colby, and I am a fourth-generation Japanese-American from Hawaii. I grew up in Hawaii, where I’m proud to say LGBTQ people are included in anti-discrimination laws. Unfortunately, the culture lags, so I didn’t feel comfortable being open in highschool, but now I am 21, openly gay, and studying engineering in Massachusetts.

Being out has been great for me. I feel much more comfortable with myself, confident and optimistic about my life. Before, when I was closeted and full of questions about people accepting me or not, I had a lot of fear that my life would be bad because being gay would put me at a disadvantage. Fortunately, I have great friends and am at a school where people are friendly and very supportive of queer people.

I feel for the people who haven’t had it as good as me, and I hope to offer hope to people in difficult situations. I have joined this blog to help everyone, but especially to reach out to the queer Asians that feel there is no one like them. I know gaysians, and there is diversity in them. I encourage you to look around online and in your community. I thought there was no organization in Boston, but I found one! And if you can’t find anything locally, there are some people on YouTube and in blogs. I also want to share queer Asian culture and news so that the diversity of the queer community is represented.

Besides being gay and Asian, I love the visual arts, especially painting, but I mostly paint in watercolor. I have a Flickr. I love to surf, swim, cook and tend to the garden.


Colby is also working on a network that connects closeted and questioning youth with openly queer students. He invites you to join the conversation and find support with people like you at